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Meaningful Meetings

The Ritz-Carlton specializes in pairing ideal meeting venues with impeccable service. From exclusive board retreats to intricately detailed conferences or large corporate celebrations, we ensure that all your events are executed flawlessly and your meeting agenda is enhanced.

When you book your meeting at a Ritz-Carlton hotel in the United States, Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean we will donate ten percent of the guest room revenue to charity, divided equally between a charity of your choice and the Community Footprints Fund.

The Ritz-Carlton has built a legacy of extraordinary service. This tradition extends to our Community Footprints program and positively impacts the lives of others. Every contribution we make is an opportunity to leave an imprint on our communities. Under the umbrella of our Community Footprints program, our hotels and resorts partner with local organizations to benefit the well-being of children, hunger and poverty relief and environmental responsibility.

Community Footprints

In keeping with this commitment, our properties collaborate with local organizations to direct our resources where the most impact will be made. Learn More about our Community Footprints program.  

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