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Impact Experiences

A memorable and enriching stay can extend well beyond our hotels. That’s why The Ritz-Carlton proudly offers Impact Experiences, providing inspiring opportunities for our guests to contribute to the local community. Impact Experiences are compelling social and environmental impact activities that are unique to the destination, and there is one constant – each program makes a lasting and authentic difference.

Signature Impact Experiences that take place in the local community include a community heritage farming project on an organic farm in Arizona that is helping to address local food insecurity; supporting critical coastal trail and rain forest restoration in Kapalua; preserving the gardens of Alcatraz Island in San Francisco; and building bird nests for migrating rare bird species at the remarkable wetland that is Futian Mangrove Natural Reserve Area in Shenzhen.

Impact Experiences also offers on-property activities that can be incorporated in the conference agenda during lunch breaks, receptions and coffee breaks, including:

  • Partnering with the hotel’s culinary team to prepare the ingredients for a regionally adapted dish for donation to a local hunger relief organization;
  • Assembling school supplies and art materials in backpacks for donation to students whose academic success is threatened by poverty;
  • Collaborating in teams to assemble emergency preparedness kits for shipping to a disaster relief facility or community organization;
  • Designing and creating greetings and birthday cards for children in a local pediatric healthcare facility or children’s organization.
  • Impact Hour, a platform for leaders from The Ritz-Carlton Community Footprints partner organizations to showcase how they are successfully addressing social and environmental issues.

For more information on Impact Experiences, meeting planners should contact a sales representative.

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